Medical Requirements to work offshore

I’ve just started my job search for an offshore etech position in the oil and gas field. I stumbled onto a document today from the IMCA that states that if you take immunosuppressants that you should be declared as unfit for offshore work. My questions are:

  1. Is the IMCA the authority on offshore oil workers health guidlines?
  2. Is there any discretion or waivers for conditions or prescribed medications?
  3. Are these guidlines written in stone?

I currently work onshore in the oil and gas industry in a physically demanding job, but I am on immunosuppresants for psoriatic arthritis that is currently controlled. I could physically handle the job as long as I stay on the medications.



Just did some more research on the subject. It appears that it will trigger more scrutiny, but can be approved on a case by case basis if I get a letter from my specialist and company and their doctors agree. There would be the stipulation that I couldn’t work an unmanned station and might have to stay near coast. It sounds really iffy. I shouldn’t be surprised that nobody replied since it’s not a common problem. I should have asked about insulin dependant diabetes since it’s more common and appears in the same situation.