Media Coverage of M/V Dali and Key Bridge

I just took another look at the first article in the OP, the reporter used Capt Kelly Sweeney as a source for a quote. He used to write a column for Professional Mariner IIRC.

His quote about FOC misses the mark I think, Sweeney’s views on this are at least a couple decades out of date. Better call Sal.

Otherwise the article not all that bad, excepting the outdated quote and headline.

On the round-the-world run the Dali would have been subject to more PSC inspections then average given they operate in many PSC regions.

I’d expect overall the Baltimore Sun, with more resources, is likely the better source for the general public.

Kelly Sweeney is a good guy, but reportedly now in poor health. He must be well in to his 70s, or more.

He ran Maritime Headhunters in Washinton State for many years specializing in finding crewmen for small vessels. I hear that he has suspended operations due to health issues.

I doubt if Kelly has had much active sailing experience in the past two or three decades.

The media’s choice of “maritime experts” to comment on the Dali incident, reflect the visibility and implied credibility that comes from having attended an Academy many years ago, having an unlimited license, and more importantly, writing articles, doing YouTube and podcast, previous media interviews, and being easy to find with a Google search.

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Yeah, I used to enjoy reading Sweeney’s columns, he saw things from a mariner’s point of view.

As far as reporting, that article, the one that quotes Sweeney, was written by the radio station’s health reporter, the one Baltimore Sun article I checked was written by the business reporter.

I’d guess the reporters start out with known previous contacts, Baltimore Sun reporters likely have a wider range of sources they use.

EDIT: I don’t think that NPR article (actually a transcript of a broadcast) is a representative sample of media reporting. A google search using Dali Key Bridge and “flag of convenience” only turns up about 20,000 hits vs 9 million without the FOC in quotes. 0.2%.

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