NTSB Chair Homendy Provides Update on DALI-Francis Scott Key Bridge

The focus has been broad, covering the ship’s engine room equipment—especially the electrical power system—with additional assistance from the equipment’s manufacturer, who recently sent experts from overseas to inspect the circuit breakers.

If this has anything to do with the report of problems with breakers prior to sailing that might be a problem for the ship’s crew. For the sake of the crew hopefully everything is in order in that regard.

Where is the Flag State investigative team in all this?
Nothing mentioned in this article, or anywhere else in the reporting quoted by anybody on this forum.

This being a Singapore flag ship the Flag State Authorities should be the lead in the investigation, with US authorities participate since it happened in US territorial water. and caused major damages to US infrastructure:

Source: https://www.imo.org/en/OurWork/IIIS/Pages/Casualty.aspx

PS> Another case discussed here in details; “Viking Sky near miss”, which happened to a Norwegian flag ship in Norwegian waters.
Yet several other maritime authorities were invited to participate in the investigation, simply because some of their subjects were onboard at the time, or because the vessel was built in, or equipped with machinery from, those countries.

Some close ups

Sounds like the NTSB warned the USCG years ago this might happen. Not surprising. The NTSB has excellent investigators but can do nothing but make recommendations to the regulating agencies, most of which have succumbed to regulatory capture.

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From a few days ago, 27 Mar. - no information or updates about the investigation itself.

SINGAPORE: The Ministry of Transport (MOT) will be conducting another investigation into the Baltimore bridge collapse, in addition to a current probe by the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA).

Ship that toppled Baltimore bridge had lost power twice before leaving port, NTSB reports

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