MEBA Mates vs. MM&P

I know this is similar to a currently posted thread, but I am only looking for a comparison between going MEBA mates and MM&P. I will graduate from KP in a few months and will live near a hall for both unions. With the current state of the industry, how long could a 3/M brand new to each union expect to wait to get a job (by job I mean one that lasts a few months…not coast wise relief jobs or night mate jobs)? Also, does MEBA mates offer night mate jobs like MM&P? I understand it can vary depending on time of year and luck, but I am curious to know if one can expect a job faster with one union vs. the other. If it makes a difference, I would be going to the NY/NJ halls. Thanks!!

There aren’t job fairs or recruiters coming to KP??

Once they hear you’re from kings point you will be given preference over all other members. Then, you will be driven by limo to meet your vessel. The entire ships crew will dress out and await your arrival. The captain (if not a fellow kings pointer) will kneel and greet you by kissing your freshly minted class ring. AB’s will carry your luggage up to your stateroom, and you will be assigned the watch schedule of your choice.

A union patrolman will correspond with you regularly to ensure you receive nothing less than the best treatment. On the trip to the sea buoy the pilot will give you the con no doubt, and likely offer you a position with the local association. Life is good when you’ve attended such a prestigious educational institution.


MEBA has a lot of ROS jobs but not for third mates. They have a few commercial contracts, Liberty Maritime being one of them. Search that company name on this forum if you don’t already know about them. MMP is a deck officer Union with lots of competition for jobs. It is difficult to predict how long you will be waiting for a job that lasts ‘several months’. I recently met a third mate who had been waiting 9 months to get a rotary job. My advice with either Union is to not be picky. Take whatever job you can get so that you can get some experience. That ‘several month’ gig can turn into a coastwise really fast if a captain doesn’t want to risk carrying a green third mate overseas and babysitting them in traffic. Get all the experience you can, learn to be a good ships officer, build a reputation, and take it one job at a time. Contrary to popular belief, very few graduates of any maritime academy know everything.


They had a job fair but no one from either Union. AMO was present.

Thank you!!