Mate Available (including DP involvement)

I am an experienced 2[SUP]nd[/SUP] Mate (and 1600 Ton Master), and would like to get into DP. I wonder if you could provide me any info on how to get some type of DP apprenticeship or internship or training position or referrals ? Am a USMMA graduate and have an MBA, so training is not a problem for me. I can travel on short notice. Resume & References attached
Call Lou at 1-847-902-9426 or
Captain / Mate Available (including DP involvement) Merchant Marine Academy graduate. 20+ years experience.
Wants Permanent or Temporary Employment, extended Cruises, DP involvement,
Anywhere. U.S.Passport, can travel on short notice, Please refer this to, or let me know if should be sent to, anyone else within or outside your organization.

Objective: I am looking for permanent, relief, or temporary work as captain or mate on ships, charter boats, or work boats. Very interested in opportunity to get involved with DP. Able to travel on short notice.

Marine Employment History
2012 2[SUP]nd[/SUP] Mate Research vessel Ocean Starr for Stabbert Maritime - Pacific
2012 2[SUP]nd[/SUP] Officer USNS Flint MSC supply ship in Persian Gulf
2011 Mate Tug Nickelena of Basic Marine Shipyard in the Great Lakes
2010 2nd Officer EPA research and monitoring vessel in the Great Lakes
2009,10,11 2nd Officer hospital ship Africa Mercy in Africa
2008-2009 1st Mate Grand Victoria casino boat in Elgin, IL
2008 2nd Officer CruiseWest passenger vessel in Mexico
2007 2nd Officer U. of Hawaii research vessel
2007 Chief Mate on Delivery of 255’ ferry to Wood’s Hole for V.T.Halter shipyard
2006 2nd Mate 213’ Survey vessel Moana Wave for Stabbert Maritime - GOM
2005 AB/Bosun/Wheelsman – Gt Lakes freighter Maumee – Grand River Navigation
2004-2005 AB – Gt.Lakes freighters Fred Norton – Oglebay Norton Co. & S.J.Cort –ISG Co.
2004 AB – small passenger vessel Grande Mariner - ACCL

Also Captain various excursion vessels and private vessels
Also Master various sailing vessels
Also Sailing Instuctor (ASA Certified) at various schools and camps)

Previous Experience: Third Mate on various ocean-going passenger and cargo ships

Skills Seamanship, Navigation, GPS, Celestial, Radar, Boat/Ship Handling, Sailing, Firefighting, CPR, First Aid, VHS, SSB, Bookkeeping, Cert’d Project Mgmt Professional (PMP/PMI), Etc.

for God’s sake man…have some pride and don’t advertise yourself like this. It smacks of desperation…especially listing all those jobs like that!

and you’re a KP’er on top of everything else…sheesh!

btw, how’d you like working for that effing scabbag Dan Stabbert? Why aren’t you a master for him anyway?

He wants to get into DP so shouldn’t he be advertising on cruiserforums? Looks like he proficient at Tug jobs already. I think there is some movie companies in Van Nuys California that will let you do DP. If that’s what you’re in too…

Holy crap that’s funny as Hell. Thanks for the much needed laugh at 3 am while tanking.

Not to be a d-bag, but just a little effort with the search function will give you a ton of info on this subject…

There’s info on smaller companies that will allow you to break into the DP world easier.

hmmm a bored forum member sure could have fun with his phone number…

“yeah lou, this is Gary Chouest himself, you sound like a fine up-and coming mariner and I’d like to see you at my office on friday around 1130…i intend to make you master of the (new 300+’ anchor handler) immediately, and pay you handsomly at the fair rate of $12,000 per day. this is not a joke”

couldn’t help but notice on some vessels you’re the second mate, on others you’re the second officer…what the hell? this some kind of joke? great resume-writing technique they taught at KP lolz!!!