Masters/license program

I am currently considering attending Maine Maritime for their Masters degree and licensing program. I believe they call it Master and Command. I am also looking SUNY’s Grad/License program. Although the tuition for Maine is considerably higher, one has to take into consideration the cost of living. I would be living off campus with my family. Can someone shed some light on the availability of rental homes near the Maine campus and what they might cost?

Considering how much it will cost to rent anything around SUNY, I am thinking that more than makes up for the difference in tuition rates. Any thoughts on that?

Has anyone done the Master and Command program at Maine and have any positive or negative things to say about it?


Housing in Castine is cheap and available off-season, and ridiculously expensive during the summer. I had no problem finding affordable places to stay in Castine from September to June, but for the summer the weekly rent was almost double what I paid for a month the rest of the year. But you can find reasonable rents if you’re willing to live away from the coast and commute a bit. For the summer I lived in Old Town/Orono (45 mins. away) where it’s fairly easy and cheap to pick up the last few months of a U-Maine student’s lease, they often have to commit to a full year but don’t stay for the summer. Bangor’s a little closer and probably also reasonable, but not as cheao as you’d get near U-Maine.

I’d be pretty sure youi’d do at least as much driving and pay at least as much rent for SUNY.