I may have to transfer weighing opt. I could use feedback

I may have to consider transferring if I can’t find accommodations (I am just finding out about the situation now). While I apartment hunt today, I figured I may as well ask for you guys thoughts on transferring, redoing STCW etc. I have taken 5 STCW courses and I have not completed a SST (covid). Not saying I will but has anyone had to transfer from one maritime university to another and how did the process go?

I have not done it myself. I know it has been done by others.

First thing to consider is when? Its mid summer now. So you’re already way past the Spring deadlines to apply and start in the fall.

Second, your credit transfer might be the biggest and challenging issue. Colleges charge your tuition (usually) based on credit load. It’s in their own interest to not blindly accept all your transferred classes/units. Unless you can document proof if they meet some USCG standard that they will accept.

Finally…is it just about housing??? They have no place on campus? Moving to another state and the costs of to of state tuition and moving expenses, is THAT all worth it??

Suggest you try harder to find a place or share a room.

How much time and funds do you have invested in your present facility? Pilot 16 raises some good points.

Is it worth it? No, I’m just spitballing a plan-B. I am staying with friends and family at the moment after leaving during the covid height. Its good old Castine so its easily the most remote of the maritime schools. They have on-campus housing (dorms) and just adjacent to campus housing (non-dorms). I applied for the non-dorms and heard zero back even after emails were sent. I finally receive word saying “oh by the way its full and there is a waiting list now” (mind you, I was staying there previously and I am a returning student).

I should be able to find a place and if not then going elsewhere seems like a better option than sitting out a year.

All valid points, no investment here and I have funds available. I was a bit frustrated earlier, leaving would only cause a delay, biggest issue is finding something within a decent distance. Most of homes on the peninsula that do come up for rent are never posted on craigslist or anywhere else.

Keep working on it, that’s a good school and hate to go backwards and lose a year and worse yet have take some courses over again. Hang in there, may have to adjust your housing style or arrangements, that will hopefully be a short term problem… Exhaust all efforts before throwing in the towel, you will be glad you did later on. Best of luck sir.

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The probably is very much a short term one that just sprang up, but it is solvable. Thanks for the dialogue, sometimes just need to bounce things off of someone.

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Might not be a bad time to leave Castine. The school there has not been making many friends in industry lately. There has also been a lot of issues regarding their handling of licenses. Apparently students have not been getting theirs on time and losing out on opportunities. Heard that their seniors that still don’t have their licenses or the ones that have been mailed theirs are missing an endorsement. Its sad because the teachers are very good their but the administration isn’t great by any means. If your a deck student there is better value else where.

I’m engine side, but yes there are a few issues. There were email issues throughout the school year and it is well known. Given that their primary (and only) means of communicating critical information to students is email you would think fixing the email list would be a high priority. The housing issue I discovered today is because I simply didn’t receive any critical emails, my messages went unreceived.

The instructors and professors are really passionate and just good people. They are all knowledgeable, professional, and if you put forth the effort they will help you.

The school has more issues than just email issues. Seems to be large administration issues. In whatever year you graduate don’t expect to have all your license and diploma until August even though you graduate in May. A recent engine graduate told me he had to turn down several job offers because of the STCW/registrar delays at the school! You think everyone would be working hard to make sure the students keep/ get employment especially during COVID. If by some reason you still want to stay, check out the apartments downtown for housing (almost every building their has apartments above). They maybe more pricey but really close.

Will do if I can I would certainly rather stay on the neck.

Take in to consideration this virus thing has messed up a lot of things regarding timing at all the academys. And the staffing to expedite it. Keep trying

If I understand the jist of the topic, the OP is considering transferring from Maine Maritime to one of the other schools, i.e., SUNY. There are pitfalls that one must carefully consider. The minimum period of training at any of the schools shall be three (3) years. There is also the cruise requirements. As the Coast Guard approves the State school’s “training program” for license what can transfer may have its limitations.

You might transfer and find yourself essentially starting over.

Your right the different Maritime Academies have there STCW competencies put into different classes. For example you might have to retake classes a class at SUNNY because of the way STCW competencies line up with their classes. Its a way for Maritime Academies to discourage transferring. If you are a Junior or senior try to stick it out. However, I know people have transferred out as Freshman and Sophomores been fine at other Academies. What year are you?

Going into my second year, I have taken 4 STCW (5 but one is unfinished) courses, looking over course catalogs wielding should transfer fine at least. There is also the question of the 1 STCW class remaining unfinished due to COVID shutdown (Still no word on how the university is going to handle this).

I haven’t cruised yet thankfully since SUNY did say they would not transfer cruise time.

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Your right the different Maritime Academies have there STCW competencies put into different classes. For example you might have to retake classes a class at SUNNY because of the way STCW competencies line up with their classes.[/quote]

Yes, I have been talking to other individuals about this and simply put how ridiculous it is that a program issuing a federal license has been sliced and diced so as not to transfer. Cal Maritime at least didn’t give a flat “no you can’t transfer STCW”, SUNY did even though they apparently have an STCW transfer coordinator…

Yeah I would check with SUNNY about the STCW again.Maybe talk to someone else. Look at Texas A&M Maritime, heard they were good with transfer students from other Academies. Talk to all options including Great Lakes Maritime they seem to be more about learning and training and less about pointless stuff like the regiment and uniforms.

Per the CFR’s the Coast Guard approves the State Academy’s training program. This something JDCavo has reiterated on more than one occasion. The schools are not carbon copies of each other nor should they be really. How many times has the strengths and weaknesses of each school been discussed here? Hence the the possible limititation of the courses that would transfer.

Schools should be encouraged to establish their own identity and offer unique experiences and courses. I am just of the opinion be it right or wrong that the portions of the program that relate to federal licensure should be unconvoluted and more importantly consistent. “Competency” is the term thrown to deny the transfer of STCW courses and to me that is the one thing that should never be in question within any program.