Master of Yachts Unlimited Tonnage Marshall Islands

I know most members of the forms aren’t yacht crew but I wanted to hear from commercial licensed Master Unlimited to what they think of this new license system through the Marshall Islands? From what I read you need to hold a STCW Master II/2 and have ONLY 180 days as Master on vessel over 500GT and meet required advance STCW courses. I find it a interesting process and wonder if any other flags would issue a COC or CEC off the Marshall Island Yachtmaster Unlimited?

_" The Master of Yachts Unlimited is an STCW II/2 level Certificate of Competence issued by the Marshall Islands Shipping Registry.

_The Cayman Islands Registry has also recognized the Marshall Islands Master of Yacht Unlimited Tonnage CoC. _

The applicant must have completed one year of sea service within the last 5 years as follows:

* Holders of a yacht CoC must show service aboard a yacht 500 GT in the grade of Master , 270 days of which must be actual sea service (one year = 365 days).
* Holders of a merchant vessel CoC must show service aboard a vessel 500 GT in the grade of Master , 180 days of which must be actual sea service; or be qualified to sit for the STCW Master (Unlimited) examination (one year = 365 days).

CoC Prerequisites: Any of the following
Hold a Qualifying STCW CoC II/2
Hold a MCA Master of Yachts 3000 tons
Hold a USCG Master Oceans 1600GRT/3000GT "

Do you think this is enough training to command a unlimited tonnage yacht? In a 5 day class for $3,999 go from Master 3,000GT to Master unlimited GT ?

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I agree with c.capt and Steamer (for once) that yachtties are less mariners and more or less people who work on a floating hotel. That being said a 1600 Ton oceans license with all the proper STCW bells and whistles would seem to be sufficient for an “unlimited” yachttie license for your average sized (120-300ft) Yacht.

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