Master of towing oceans

This Chouest employee just needs to take the Mate 500 license course for free at the Chouest school and send in the certificate instead of taking the exam at the USCG. We all know that most license schools make sure that virtually everyone passes the end of course exams at the school.

It is a very significant conflict of interest for a private company to be running an in-house license school, that is only open to its own employees, that is authorized by the USCG to issue course completion certificates that substitute for the USCG exams to its own employees. What a farce.

Particularly egregious, is that this private Chouest license school is partially funded by government grants paid for by us taxpayers.

I didn’t know about this possibility! That’s so nice to know that, by having a Master of Towing Vessels I could apply for a 550 tons ticket… Thanks for sharing.

500 tons rather**

With no towing experience they will need to be assessed.

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I had mate of towing for over 5 years then I placed my license into continuity. Went to work overseas with a foreign license in the capacity of 500 tons. Worked on nothing but towing Vessels. I Just renewed my USCG license and got issued master of towing vessels NC. I guess the 2,018 days seaservice I have onboard towing vessels (overseas 6 years) would help me right?
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He was talking about using a towing license to get Master 500, not the other way around.

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Can I go from master of towing near coastal to master if towing oceans with just a oceans tour and 90 days if service on oceans or near coastal routes . My license states master or towing nc without tonnage

I think so.

You can do a one day simulator course for the TOAR (if you need it). I don’t think there is any difference between the coastal and oceans TOAR, so you may not need it.

I don’t know if you need any additional actual oceans towing seatime.

I think you just need to do the oceans exam module (celestial) or a course.

I hear that master of towing oceans 200 tons, doesn’t require much more than a Sun line.

In for an answer.

I hold a 1600 NC/MOTV NC and I would like to get my oceans but the c-nav class and all the math and formulas scare me to death.

The celestial exam for Mate 1600 oceans is the same as for third mate unlimited. It requires a lot of study. I think you need to be able to do any body, except the moon.

Back when I actually did celestial years ago, the moon was one of my favorite bodies.

You don’t actually need to know much math. You need to learn to use tables and/or which buttons to push on the calculator.

The MoT 200 tons oceans requires a lot less knowledge and is pretty simple. You only need to do the sun.

A noonsight is just a bit of addition and subtraction. The sun lines are solved mostly through the use of tables, addition and subtraction, and most importantly careful plotting.

Calculators have only been affordable and in common use for about 50 years. Celestial was done with tables for hundreds of years before that.

The frustrating thing about celestial is that it requires a lot of plotting practice. It’s easy to make errors, math errors, interpolation errors, or plotting errors, but they are hard to find.

You can do a 10 day to two week celestial school for MoT 200.

Mate 1600 celestial school is typically three to four weeks.

It use to be that many people had to go to school twice. I hear that there are some schools where everybody passes the first time and gets a certificate.

Celestial was a tough class, but it was an interesting and ‘fun’ tough for me.

Not to hijack the thread, but…

I recently applied for master of towing near coastal/oceans. I got the dreaded ‘awaiting info’ letter asking for 30 days of oceans time. Stupid me, thinking because i already hold an oceans license and had plenty of towing time on an oceans route made the requirement. I would need to get a previous employer to get the language correct.

So i asked to change the app to master of towing near coastal. Well, my most recent letter lists the vessels as ‘inland and near coastal routes’ and the evaluator wants an exact tally.

To make a long story short, since this letter in question shows days on predominantly harbor tugs, going to see if this past employer can change the language to inland and remove near coastal, then i in turn will ask to change the app to master of towing vessels inland.