“Master Mariner” or “Maritime Pilot” on Death paperwork?

I know this is probably a particular strange question and I’m sorry to be a hassle – I’m just hoping someone with the knowledge and expertise I lack may be able to help me.

My mother died last night and as part of the death paperwork I have to fill out the occupation of her father, my grandfather. The problem is on all the paperwork I can find he’s described as a “Master Mariner” on some documents and a “Maritime Pilot” on others. I don’t want to minimise his proud career – are one of these titles further up the career progression? Or would either be fine? I remember my mother telling me he was in the “Irish Merchant Navy” if that makes a difference.

I know it’s not something I should be stressing about but I’d really appreciate any help. I am obviously completely out of my depth (no pun intended) as I’m a Registered Nurse with absolutely no idea.

Sorry for your loss. I would say either would be fine. I think you should put your energy into something else besides this.

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