USCG Medical

I wonder how many mariners will become very sick or even die because of the new USCG medicals.
Anyone foolish enough to have been honest with them will have learned to [U][I][B]NEVER NEVER NEVER[/B][/I][/U] go to a doctor regardless of the severity of the symptoms. If I thought my life depended on it - I might go to an emergency room, give a false name, and pay cash; but I am thinking there are those that will die of something that could easily be treated simply because they have learned or heard of the consequences of what the NMC can do to a person’s career. The power of the NMC is downright scary! Does anyone oversee these people or are they completely autonomous?
Does anyone know of an appeals process?
Anyone with an MMC should seriously consider seeking medical attention south of the border and leaving no paper trail.

I have gotten more than a few emails and PM’s from mariners with the same worries who don’t even want to call the NMC and ask about their medical conditions.

So your concerns are real… the sad part is we will never really know how many people are effected because their death certificates will read “Heart Attack” not “Heat Attack due to not visiting a doctor after initial symptoms where noticed”.

I aslo have first hand knowledge of this as the NYC fire department works on a similar principal. My father knew he had cancer almost a decade before a building collapse forced him to go to the hospital. Having a job to support the family was simply, and fatally, more important to him than his health.