Massachusetts Maritime Academy From Above

[B]Massachusetts Maritime Academy From Above[/B]

ahh… brings back fond memories of fall 1985/spring 1986 when a bunch of us Maine cadets were delivering the TS State of Maine to a shipyard in NY/NJ. We transited the Cape Cod canal and when opposite Mass Maritime we let go the ship’s horn, lined the rails, and bared our buttocks to the gathered Mass cadets. good times!

Richard8000miles away,

Maine transited the Cape Cod Canal this year on their way back home. I had two signs made up that read;

“If you had come here…”

“…you’d be home now…”


Happy New Year!


good one, thanks for the memories.

by the way, say HI to Capt Red Shannon, he and I go WAY back: we shipped out together back in the early/mid 90’s (Hanseatic Cruises out of Hamburg, Germany). We continue to stay in touch… in fact I owe him an email.