Maine, Mass, or TAMUG


I’ve been looking at going back to school to finish my bachelor’s and get a bigger license. I’d like to start in the spring. I visited TAMUG, but was not impressed with their technology and facilities as far as the maritime academy. I did like galveston. They are the most affordable option and I like that I can get a science degree with a license option.

I know Maine maritime is a good school, but I have yet to visit Castine.

I know absolutley nothing about Mass maritime, except that they do a training cruise in Jan-Feb which would be a break from the shitty New England weather.


Feel free to go to our website listed below, send a reply to this message or directly contact our office if you would like to learn more about Massachusetts Maritime Academy.


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Director of Admissions
Massachusetts Maritime Academy
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If you like trucks, country music, and hunting, deff consider Maine, otherwise you might wanna look at other options, and also living in the middle of nowhere is kinda rough but worth it.