Maritime Training

Just out of curiosity,

What are the most valuable trainings you’ve taken for a company?

What sort of training or services do you wish maritime companies offered?

Thank ya!

Welcome to our forum. You bring up a great question, for your first post. I’d suggest you give us a little more insight into who you are though. What is your background in terms of maritime training?

As for me, my most valuable training was college, where I earned my license. My most valuble company training was courses to maintain my license, not done in-house but paid for. 2nd most valuble I suppose was going over emergency procedures and training for an emergency, which of course is specific to any vessel plan.

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Best training was a company-sponsored confined space class and a close second, manned model overseas. The hallmarks of both were in-depth, hands-on practical exercises. I’ll disagree with LIDomer a bit in that outside of cadet observer and a few navigation classes with the good instructors, my academy training was pretty weak. My experience over the years with new hires confirms some of that, training them sometimes is like starting all over even after an exhaustive hiring process. There definitely seems to be serious gaps in the curriculums especially in regards to actual vessel operations beyond an at-sea navigation watch and certainly with safety management.

Right now I think mariners are a bit fed up with all the required trainings to consider volunteering for more. Overall my experience with most were also pretty poor, except a few upgrade classes. But companies might consider more practical and specific training for their people to help in their immediate day-to-day jobs. Broad training courses can be okay in small doses, but you’re gonna lose people the farther away it is from their actual job.

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