Maritime training redefined!

If you had the chance to design professional maritime training in a simulation game…

List 3-5 maritime topics you believe would be most practical.

Making sure there’s always fresh coffee on the bridge.


Making an accurate record of all parts used during maintenance.

Watching the temps on the plant, run out to move a valve 1/8th of a turn.


For Deck:
Needle Gunning


Pushing a broom and then a mop

Watching TV

Looking busy when you hear a door close because it might be the captain coming down the stairs

For the Bridge:
Punch a button on a computer screen and watch the vessel move a few meters.

Spend about an hour everyday filling forms and logs that nobody is ever going to look at like EPA stuff, Radio Logbook, Voyage Plans, etc.

Get up randomly several times during your watch to hit F10 on the GMDSS, bonus points for getting distress signals from over 2000nm away.

Hunt the Chief down when you have a question and nobody is answering the uhf radio or house phone, deduct points for going all the way to the rudder room and on your way back up you find him in the galley.


a simulation “game” eh? ok, here’s my 5…

  1. zombies everywhere on the ship you get to hunt and kill by the bushel
  2. a wide assortment of awesome weapons to use slaughtering said zombies
  3. set it on a megayacht filled with nekkid ladies hanging around the pool
  4. make it so that the zombies explode their guts and brains all over the place when they are hit
  5. transition to where you are in a submarine and hunting zombie sea monsters underwater

Navigational evasion of navy ships.


Galley should have simulation games, too:
like making waffles at tea break and delivering them to the ECR, with jam!

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  1. STCW Courses and Training Programs
  2. AB to Mate Courses
  3. Chief Mate to Master Courses
  4. Tug and Barge
  5. Pilot Training
  6. Enroll in a Maritime Training Course Near You
  7. Firefighting
  8. Emergency Response
  9. Hazardous Materials
  10. Risk Assessment

-line handling
-emergency scenarios (MOB, fire, flooding, etc)

And splicing (and for god sakes… how to tie a damn bowline!)

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Don’t know if splicing and tying bowline knots will be offered, but a Swedish upstart is offering an App for Maritime training:

Apparently you can offer training in splicing and bowline tying on this platform, if there are any need for it these days.

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