Maritime Historian Explains Why Russia Can't (Or Shouldn't) Target This

Saw this on twitter yesterday.

The recent shipment, containing more than 60 Bradleys, departed North Charleston last week on board the U.S.-flagged commercially-trading vehicle carrier Arc Integrity , which is managed by American Roll-On Roll-Off Carrier (ARC), itself part of Norway-based Wallenius Wilhelmsen. The tanks will provide the Ukrainian forces with additional capabilities to combat Russia’s invasion.

Ex. Swedish flag Fedora, owned by Wallenius Marine AB, Stockholm:

US flag ARC Integrity since 2019,

Presently on her way from Dundalk, US to Southampton, UK. ETA 7.Febr. 2023 0400 UTC

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It is as legitimate target for Ruskies as NS1 & NS2 for Americans. But why shall they (Rus) bother. This lovely and expensive machines will become smoking wrecks once they touch down in UA . By the way has anybody seen videos of Abrams performing in Syria. ???

That is very interesting. What videos of M1 tanks in Syria can we watch?

I have asked that question because i heard some negative opinions in alternative news joints. So I have figured , that may be this forum is the right place to ask. Simple as that.

I’m no military expert but I do remember this:
During the Gulf War I was on the Diamond State, a ready-reserve fleet ship. After the war we were returning rolling stock from U.S. army battalions from Dammam to Bayonne and Germany.

We didn’t transport tanks but there were plenty parked to look at on the dock in Dammam. (Nothing else to do). You couldn’t walk right up to the Abrams. They were under guard, but you get close enough. And you could see captured battle-damaged Russian tanks being hauled back to the USA as trophies.

The size differential was pronounced. It looked as if the Abrams crews could save ammo by just running over the Russian tanks and crushing them.

But the Russian tanks had been shelled alright, and the fascinating thing to me was that every one of the Russian tanks had a neat hole in or near the turret. Not multiple holes or damage anywhere else. That’s what struck me. Maybe the U.S, Army was only taking home the tanks they had taken out with a hole-in-one, I thought. Later I talked to a tanker who crewed Abrams. No, he said. That’s just the accuracy an Abrams is capable of.

You could climb all over the captured tanks. No one cared. The turret hatch would be gone. The human remains had been removed of course. The inside of the turret looked like it had been near-vaporized. Whatever munition they use burns through the armor and doesn’t so much explode as destroy via thermal energy. Maybe someone else can explain.

Pretty sobering stuff. Anyway, I came away with a lot of respect for Abrams tanks…

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We called it “The Petting Zoo”; those Iraqi tanks were something to see on the dock.


If the Russians are dumb enough to shoot at a US flagged merchant ship then they have been hitting the vodka very hard.

Your observations match what I saw in Al-Jubail and Damman at the same time. I visited the Diamond State while I was there to see an old shipmate who was then the C/E, Mike Ribera.

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Probably not a good idea to climb on them, the dust from the depleted uranium (DU) penetrators can be quite nasty.
There is no explosive as such in a depleted uranium long rod penetrator as used in the 120mm DU round. The DU rod is consumed partially as it penetrates the armour, the behind armour thermal effects of DU are horrifying (it is pyrophoric at those temperatures) and the flash, fragments and jet will ignite any ammunition, particularly caseless rounds it comes in contact with.

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That sounds like a miserable way to die.

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Yeah, I hope I die quietly in my sleep like my grandfather, and not screaming and crying like all those people in his car…


They do not have to shoot. The stories of US Navy vessels rammed by slow moving cargo ships are not so old and still resonate.

If USCG can lure some Filipino seafarers to rat on ORB falsification and OWS violations for a reward of 10-50% of penalty imposed on the culprit , then if I had at my disposal 1-10 mln US crunchy and crispy dollars , I think finding a master who in the English Channel or Kattegat or Belt would ram her right smack in the middle, sending her to the bottom in 3-to 5 minutes is not unthinkable. And what would the Americans do then ???. Nuke Moscow?? or Vladivostock ?? Give me 10 mln and I will show You how it works or shall I call Putin ?? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

So…here is the end result. Wayback Machine (

Now basis Marine Traffic or other tracking site info, your input as to where??? and when??? would be highly appreciated. I have already chosen a few locations with thick and dense bumper to bumper traffic but may be some have better idea. Cheers.

I suspect the vessel may have some very heavily armed, and very discreet company lurking in the depths.

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Well … may be . But how this " lurking in the depths" companion is going to figure, who is friend or foe in this scenario

And the terrorist ship master as described above is paid 10 mil, highly indoctrinated and determined America hater , with intent and motivation higher then , what You Guys called once " Center Denter " .

So may be and i am spitballing here , some mature adult individuals in military or government grab a phone and tell the other TikTok , FB, Twitter Ninja warriors bragging about what they send and how and when and where to:


I think , here I do not have to explain the meaning of this world famous acronym. Cheers

The one changing to a collision course, at the speed a large commecial vessel can, is probably the foe.
Lots of eyes and sensors prevent nasty surprises.

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Looks like USS Porter ,McCain & Fitzgerald had their " lots of eyes" and sensors in a sleeping mode , muted or duped. .
And check out please ,what hit Tricolor as contained in provided links.

And one more thing:

The Most Intense Bridge Conversation EVER - USS Porter Collides With Supertanker [BRIDGE RECORDING AUDIO] (

Some eyes and instruments one can figure from this recording. Some experts ( NOT ME!!!) called it : navigating and commanding on the edge of chaos.

Strumieniuj Bridge audio from the Aug. 12, 2012 Collision of USS Porter (DDG-78) autora U.S. Naval Institute | Słuchaj online bezpłatnie w serwisie SoundCloud

In case You can not play it , as it seems, this voice record is carefully & methodically wiped out from various highly patriotic sites , then let me know as I had it downloaded as mp3 for the sake of …keeping. Cheers

Trolly to bed, trolly to rise…


Yes, good examples of asleep at the wheel
Going into a hot war, I don’t think anyone is going to be asleep at the wheel this time
Lessons have been learned, air assets, subsea assets, orbital assets, elint and humint assets will all be maxed outI
That ship will deliver it’s cargo.

Unless the the weather or nature stops it

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Alias KPChief . Great You showed up .I called You once on the issue of double standards and discrimination but it seems You were not interested. What a pity.

We have some unfinished business though.

Be so kind and explain to the little trolly , Your interpretation of this lovely poem , You were so kind to quote some time ago.

  1. Who is hiding behind " The Walrus and the Carpenter" ?

  2. Who are little Oysters?

  3. Who is Big Oyster or who fits into his role?

  4. Last but not least who do You think are " winged pigs" ?

I will be honored and consider Your interpretation especially regarding item 4) as priceless.

Cheers my Dear Chief Engineer.