Maritime Comics


From Larson’s “Best of the Other Side”.

Anyone else have any good comics to share?


Don’t lie now, did you see that on Meow Man’s FB Page?

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The most famous maritime cartoonist may be Jan Sanders. Here is a few examples:


This one’s my favorite:



Reminds me of the USS amphib I served on in the Navy. We plowed a sailboat off the coast of Dubai. After that little incident it went from one lookout on the 08 forward signal deck to two deck seamen standing port and starboard on the forward bridge wings.

To be fair, those a-rabs would cut through a convoy in their yatchts and watch warships take evasive maneuvers for sport.

You can get better resolution of many of the Jan Sanders cartoons by Google image search:


Wally is every chief looking for a shoreside job on the tail end of his career.




I have one of Jan Sanders’ pieces tattooed on my back

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There is a story from the day that the newly-built Arco terminal was “christened”. A freshly painted VLCC is in the process of docking at the beautiful new pier. A deckhand on one of the assist tugs asks the Mate on the Foc’sl what he had hit on the way down the coast from Valdez, AK. The mate replied, “nothing!” The deckhand then attracted the Mate’s attention to two sets of sailboat rigging fouled in the Stbd. anchor… True story!!!

My dad sent me this when I was struggling through my first licensed job…the flip side is I learned a lot about Lake piloting and how to be a deck officer from that Captain and don’t regret a moment of the experience today. Of course, at the time…well, it was a steep learning curve.