Maritime Career Outlook

Hello, I am just curious what professional mariner think about maritime career. I came across to read one article saying maritime job outlook is good because of retiring baby boomers, and you can make $10000 a month right off the college. Is it really true? I am not in the industry so I have no idea. This article is from a school where not many students seem to be interested in, and it might be just a word to recruit more student for the school. So I am curious to hear what actual mariners who are already in the profession.

It is a tough lifestyle especially for a young person who is married. Single would not be as bad. You miss alot back on the hill. Some things can never be gotten back. It is worth every penny they pay and alot more but I would say most start around 6-8K per month. Best of luck to you.

I was working with a Engineer who was 72 years old at the time (I was 22), we were discussing the pay and how we were fortunate to be making it. He then looked at me straight in the face and said some words that I remember every time I miss the first steps, the graduations, the birthdays, the anniversaries, and all the little things…" Young man do you know why they pay us so well ? There buying our memories"
That being said though, I would not trade this job for any other. Who would want to sit in a cubical and have their soul sucked out of the their head by the fluorescent lights?

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That is exactly what was happening to me. 15 years working as a designer (maritime & industrial). And walked away from a job making pulper’s pay and fighting traffic every single day. Would not change anything on my decision.

As what, and on what kind of vessel?

He mentioned right out of college so I assume maritime and as 3rd mate on deck or could be an assistant in the engine room, but if not and you can cook you should be able to make $150.00 or more per day in steward dept. If you can find a job as an ordinary seaman then $175 and up per day. It all depends on the type of vessel you’re on, inland or offshore etc.
Best to you.

Thanks! I am considering a career change if I get laid off.