gCaptain Salary Survey

We are excited to announce the first ever [B][I]open[/I][/B] salary survey for mariners.

[B]Brief FAQ
[I][B]What does “open” mean?
[/B][/I]We take all results will be available to gCaptain forum members after the survey is completed!

[B][I]What’s in it for me?[/I][/B]
Sharing your information will help make the survey results more accurate.

[B][I]Who is the survey open to?[/I][/B]
All US mariners currently sailing.

[B][I]Will my information be shared?
[/I][/B]Just the answers. None of your private information (including your username) will be shared or recorded.

[B][I]I took the survey, what else can I do to help?
[/I][/B]The survey is only as good as the data collected so please forward it on to as many friends and colleagues as possible.

[B][I]When will the results be published?
[/I][/B]We will keep the survey running as long as we have a steady stream of participants but expect it to end sometime in May.

[B][I]Great! Where do I begin?
[/I][/B]Just click on the following link:

How about some sort survey regarding unions. Good/Bad/Indifferent/Affiliations/etc???

Good idea, I’ll line it up for the next survey.

The salary figure can be a little vague. Are we talking 2 for 1, equal time, ect…?

Im a non-US merchant mariner working in the Asia Pacific region. Can i contribute to this survey as well?

The salary is yearly so average out the individual hitches.

Yes, International mariners are welcome to post!

What a good idea!
Knowledge is power.


Have the results been completed for the salary survey? Unforntunately, I have not been on that much. Work and wife taking up my time.