Maritime career -Again

Hi All,
Looking for some advice. I am looking for a new direction and career. Years ago I worked on some foreign registed ships, 3 years on a sail boat in the Caribbean, 4 years on a Cruise ship out of Miami. Left and went to Seaman’s Institute in NY for my 3rd mate license. Decided to get marry and leave the sea life, but joined the Navy to get tuition assistance, ended up back with the Airing on Aircraft Carriers and did 12 years. Got an Accounting degree but dont want to be in an office. I would like to get on a ship, ocean going or inland and get my 3rd license. A lot has changed,was hoping to get advice from the Seaman’s Institute, but just found out they are no longer in NY neither is the Coast Guard HQ. Any advice, don;t care where I start and where I sail from. Heard I have to get a TWIC card , which should be no problem, whats next?

The old Seaman’s Church Institute in Manhattan no longer offers courses for mariners.

The mariner’s courses are are now offered by an offshoot, the SEAMAN’S INSTITUTE on Staten Island. The folks at the Seaman’s Institute, particularly Capt. Ed Shultz, can answer your questions.

Here is the web address for the Seaman’s Institute