Maritime Application of Fuel Cells


do I read that as Hydrogen as a fuel is not zero emissions, do you mean making it or burning it?


Making it, even as a byproduct of refining petroleum (or making petrochemicals)


ABB and Ballard Power System to join force on developing viable Hydrogen Fuel Cells for ships propulsion:


Hydrogen as fuel not only for cars and ships, now also for trains:

Make perfect sense for a country like Norway, with difficult terrain and an abundance of clean hydro power to produce hydrogen.


The days of hydrogen powered vessels is getting closer:

PS> ABB may be HQ’ed in Switzerland, but they are heavily represented in Norway for their maritime Research and Development activity and production of marine equipment.

The Economist had a section on decarbonisation two weeks ago, incl. this article about hydrogen:

The marine industry is not specifically mentioned, except to say that ammonia or synthetic hydrocarbons may be a fuel for ships in the future.

The American company Nikola is getting a special mentioning for it’s hydrogen powered trucks:

NOTE: Their first hydrogen truck model is named Nikola Tre, which is Norwegian for 3. It is aimed at the European market and will be first tested out first in Norway. Their Norwegian partner NEL will supply the refuelling facilities, both in Norway, Europe and USA, starting in California:

One of the new Havila Coastal vessels will be powered by hydrogen:

DNV GL has been involved in the development of hydrogen power for ships since the beginning:

Now they are seeing the beginning of that new era with orders for the first hydrogen powered ferries from Norwegian yards:

The advantages and facts about hydrogen as a fuel source: