Mariner Pay 2024 NEW

A new year, another thread…
These annual threads are the most accurate accounting of American mariner pay ever seen anywhere.
To keep it accurate let’s keep it to firsthand accounts of what mariners make at specific companies, instead of rumors. I’ll go first:

Coastal Transportation Inc.
Operates Aleutian freighters. Vessels about 240’ LOA. 1900-2490 ITC. Crew 8-9.
(Pay averages are for all mariners in the same job, as of 1/3/2024).
Captains: average $1040/day
Chief Engineers: average $822/day
Chief Mates average: $759 (Top 1st Mates, low $900s)
Second Mates average $653 Starting 2nd Mate: $550
(Deck officers licenses 1600 ton/3000 ton FV, generally).
ABs: average $493/day. Starting, no Alaska exp,. $350
Cooks: average $411/day. Starting $310/day. (Cooks just cook. No deckwork required.)
OS/Wiper: average $361/day Starting $200/day.

Benefits: Travel costs paid. 401k with 37.5% matching on employee contribution. Medical /dental
/ life insurance. 24-day long voyages. Mariners are scheduled ahead of time into an annual sailing schedule.

A short video about what we do:
Coastal Transportation, Inc.- WHAT WE DO. (Cargo Operations in Seattle, WA and Dutch Harbor Alaska) - YouTube


Chief Officer, coastal Ropax.
2 weeks on (84 hour week), 2 weeks off (paid) plus 33 paid days leave a year.
205 dollars a day at current exchange but that is for 365 days pay for 150 days worked.
Some travel costs paid (not to base ports), no bonuses and they do advertise free food in the job ads.
Crap really.


Edison Chouest Offshore:

Master/CE: 1k/day
CM: 850/day
Mate: 650/day
AB/QMED: ~375/day
OS/Wiper: ~275/day with BST (20/day less without)

CM/Master: require DPO. Mate requires DP basic.

These are basic OSV rates, some speciality divisions may pay more. Assist tugs less but not sure of their earnings. Not sure about crew boats.

401k (Roth or traditional) with 50 percent match up to 8%

Health, dental, vision approx 400/month for family. Other add ons available. Health is 80/20 with pretty hefty deductible.

Mostly 28/28, 28/14. Some 21/21.

ECO provides in house mariner training with most classes being free to employees, more expensive classes such as DP require a promissary note be signed with a 2 year employment agreement.



Chief Engineer1000 per day
2nd Eng 900 per day
3rd Eng 825 per day


Sounds like TDW stepped their game up. How many boats they have working in the gulf these days?

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They got about 7 boats working in the US


Just to be exact…what is the full name of the company and what type of licenses are required?

He is referring to Tidewater , the Louisiana OSV operator, ticker symbol TDW.

I’d think that licenses restricted to OSV would be sufficient.


What is BST? Basic Training?

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I noted this…

…and wondered if they were positions requiring unlimited HP assistants license, or just positions for other engineers (limited HP). As you know, positions that require unlimited licenses often, but not always, pay more.


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I doubt tidewater is running any boats in the gulf that don’t require an unlimited HP license, but maybe paeng will confirm that.

I do know there are companies out there that will pay less for a ‘limited’ license though.

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Chief OSV for chiefs
2nd and 3rd unlimited licenses needed for assistant positions.

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I’m good with ropes, spanners, screwdrivers and instrumentation.
Willing to work for $500 a day.
Can I bring my dog?

Who’s hiring that’s paying decent money with even time?

Pretty much everyone. Take your pick.


Yeah pretty much everyone, it should come down to pay, QOL and what you know. If you have your recency somewhere, that would be a good place to start

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If you’re looking for supply boats, try hornbeck. 21/21 schedule.

If you are looking for tugs, try Moran. Also 21/21.

Not sure what position you are looking for.


3rd Mate on an ROS Marad LMSR with AMO. $313.53 Paid everyday although off Sat-Sun-Holiday.
OT $57.41
Perdiem on days they don’t feed $69.00
Overnight or weekend duty $12.05 per hr (weekends paid from Fri 1700-Mon 0800)

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thanks, I don’t have a towing endorsement so tugs are out. I’ve already been in contact with HOS, they say they don’t need any officers. I’m looking for DPO/mate position. Preferably on a larger vessel (I have unlimited license). I have been working with various crewing agencies, just not very much work available. Used to be 10-15 calls every week, now they have 1- 2 jobs on offer for the month.