Marian Beck pleads guilty

The crazy lady from Halibut Cove AK who harassed the seaplane with her ferry took a plea. Fined, and surrendered her MMC.

Crazy Halibut Cove lady takes plea

She got off too easy, IMHO. Maybe the judge will agree and reject the plea agreement.

Agree. She needed some time in jail. Just enough to get the point across. The fine is only $25,000. Losing her 100 ton MMC is meaningless as she’ll just get someone else to run it.

Not a fan of nuisance law suits, but she needs to be buried with lawsuits from the aircraft passengers who were "traumatized ".

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I’m afraid that I’m far behind the times on Halibut Cove.

Marian Tillion Beck?

Is this Clem Tillion’s daughter or granddaughter?

Clem Tillion of Halibut Cove was a very influential politician in Alaska for decades. He was also a longtime member of the North Pacific Fisheries Management Council.

There has to be some mental illness here, I assume.

I think that it’s most likely that people in picturesque and quiet Halibut Cove are angry and militant about disruptive and unwanted flight seeing trips.


Here is a nice profile of Marion Tillion Beck and a bit of info about how her father Clem Tillion founded the remote community of Halibut Cove after WWII.

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She didnt like the seaplane muscling in on “her” territory, which caters to tourists she brings on “her” ferry.

She was reckless and unprofessional. Damn lucky she didnt kill anyone.

Have you seen the video?

Crazy Lady Harassing Seaplane

That should have got her jail time.
I have crewed on commercial vessels on waterways with seaplane traffic.
You do not mess with them, they have far fewer options than you do and accidents can easily be fatal.

was there any explanation of why she did it? I can’t possibly think of one?

my imagination tells me that the pilot of the plane was a former lover that dumped her. I read alot of english lit>
women scorned HA!

@tugsailor has provided the context. The usage and operation of float planes can be a very contentious issue in some Alaska coastal communities. The people who make money taking tourists on trips and the people who want to enjoy the peace and quiet of a waterfront home or whatever are sometimes on opposite sides of the issue.

Not expressing an opinion about this or the appropriateness of the punishment but here’s an article from a quick google search about Homer.

FAA addresses aircraft noise concerns in Homer

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Noise pollution a big issue even in noisy places like Seattle. The busy seaplane terminal on Lake Union has strict operating hours because of noise.

Vancouver harbor is another good place to enjoy the sweet music from the float equipped Beavers with the big Pratt & Whitney radials.
While I was there, a famous actor who was there to shoot a movie was given a penthouse with an expansive view of the harbor. The next day, he asked for accommodations away from the harbor because he couldn’t relax with the constant sound of floatplanes coming and going.

Some of the people who didn’t mind the deeper sound of the De Havilland do object to the higher-pitched Cessna.

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Yeah, I can see that. Also the turbine whine of the twin Otters.

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I don’t mind the sound of the Beavers, they land in my front yard (river).

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