MARAD Ghost Fleet Destruction in New Orleans Industrial Canal

<P>There is significant concern about the incidents at the New Orleans Industrial Canal (Southern Scrap, ) during Hurricane Gustav.</P><P></P><P>Of the 3 MARAD Reserve Fleet (NDRF Ghost Fleet) vessels and 60+ others, the problems creating this concern and the resulting damage and elimination of industry are of very high concern for the entire industry.</P><P></P><P>See http://BlueNorway.Org for more information on the topic, including current reports and issue tracking.</P><P></P>

Hmmmm…not quite sure about the website that BlueNorway left us with. All I’ll say is use your discretion, and make sure your SpyWare is enabled.<br><br>There’s a dubious trail across the internet with this website on it’s hip…maybe BlueNorway would like to elaborate as to what his real intent is.