Maine Maritime President, Leonard Tyler, To Retire

CASTINE – The longtime president of Maine Maritime Academy has announced that he will retire from the maritime college next year.

Leonard Tyler told the academy’s board of trustees on Friday that he intends to step down in August 2010. Tyler said he is giving the board plenty of notice so it will have sufficient time to find a replacement.

Tyler went to work at the Castine school in 1969 and worked in various roles before being named president in 1995.

Under Tyler’s administration, the college experienced record enrollment, acquired a new training ship and completed a $22 million capital campaign, the largest in the school’s history

Admittedly, he guided the school through some tough times, but it seems like MMA is slowly losing its soul, the licensed majors. I always thought the teachers were outstanding, but the administration was poor to middling at best.

I always kinda looked at him as a figurehead. Others (for better or worse) wielded the real power. Erb, Sheridan, Corry and the Gunny. There were others we as students never really interacted with too. But Tyler and Eisenhardt I never really saw as actually making the decisions. Maybe it was just my point of view, but thats how I saw it.

I don’t see how much of the administration can take much credit for the T/V STATE OF MAINE. Most of that was done by MARAD. What was done by the school was more Captain Wade and Chief Young than anyone on the hill. Just glad we got the TANNER and not the first ship they were going to give us.

I have not been back to campus since the new wing of the mess deck was added, so I can’t comment on that.