M/V Elli, A Crude Oil Tanker's Broken Back - Incident Photo Of The Week

Crude oil tanker [B][I]M/V Elli[/I][/B] broke… Click HERE to read the full blog article.

How exactly does a boat break in half like that?

Just Curious,

now that is what is known as “hogged et extremas”…load and discharge plans must have been written in english…suspect way too many “hogged out” loads and discharges!!

A ship that length being incorrectly loaded and discharged, plus pitching and rolling enroute, has to cause metal fatigue. And you can’t drill stop a crack in THAT hull.

Hogging…I was captain on a triple-planked World War II minesweeper that had a hell of a hog when she was empty, but put half a million pounds of fish in the hold and she got pretty lines. The stern finally fell off of her.

Ugly sight, that ship. Hope nobody got hurt.