LORAN on USCG Exams at REC J Cavo

Has the LORAN Questions been taken off of the Exams administered at USCG REC tried calling NMC and they did not have an answer studying for 1600 NC

I tested Dec 21-23 and they were still there.

Took 3rd Mate Exams this week. I don’t remember one Loran question.

Lucky you.

Lucky you.

I didn’t say it was without it’s problems. I remember 14 Stability Calculations on the Deck Safety Exam. That’s just the calculations, doesn’t include your regular, run of the mill stability questions!

There should have been a Loran position on the plotting exam. First question, usually.

The following information was published on the Lapware website regarding Loran C questions:

[B]Please be aware that it is strongly recommended that you generate your own chart plots for either Operational Level (500T, 1600T, 3M/2M Unlimited) or Management Level (Master 500T, Master 1600T, Chief Mate/Master Unlimited) rather then using previously created chart plots. The reason for this is in the June 2009 NMC database release some, but not all, Loran C questions were updated. The new questions replaced the Loran C lines of position with ranges and bearings from lights or points of land. Older created charts might still reference the older questions dealing with Loran C. Understand that some questions still do reference Loran C lines of position. It is anticipated that by the next NMC release most, if not all, Loran C questions will be updated. However, the newly generated chart plots you create will reference ONLY the new questions. Solutions solved and posted for all chart plots always relate to the latest questions released by the NMC. Any discrepancies found in any chart plot solutions are reported to NMC to review and correct, if needed.[/B]

rjbpilot’s post made me stop and think about it some more. Each exam had a cover sheet and I didn’t necessarily pay attention to them until one of them said “Oceans” rather than “Oceans and Near Coastal”. I’ve been informed that they are the same but at the time it caught my attention. Once it had my attention I looked at everything on the cover sheet for each exam. Most of the dates were recent, October or November 2009. I did have one that was May 2009.

So I would guess that the Chart Plot 10talents got may have been generated prior to the June 2009 updates and mine was after. Just a guess.

Just took my 500 Ton. They said they should have all been removed, but they are still finding some when generating tests. They said to tell them if I saw one so they could have it removed. I didn’t see any though.

Wow, I had four that thought that was too many…