[QUOTE=seadawg;30381]might want to consider “challenging” any loran c question encountered during testing…probably will be the only way to motivate the NMC to remove them from the testing data base??[/QUOTE]

GRRRRRR. He got it on the school’s tests. Not the Coast Guard’s. The school is the one that needs to be motivated. [B][U]It’s off the Coast Guard exams.

[QUOTE=Shellback;30377]Thats good to know, because [B]in E nav class last week[/B] it was still very much alive…I wonder how long it will remain on the tests…[/QUOTE]

It’s off the Coast Guard license exams. If it is still on a school’s tests it’s because the school has not bothered to remove it (despite what a school may tell you, they write their own tests and can change them (with NMC approval) at any time). Blame the school, not the Coast Guard.



rather…GRRREAT!!..again thank you for the response on here for ALL to see!!

That is good news…

.BTW, I wasn’t blaming anyone, just stating the facts…

Well hang on, Mr. growley guy; don’t go telling the schools to change their curriculum yet! If the schools get rid of loran, how the hell is anyone supposed to get the OICNW assessment that covers loran checked off? Not on my boat, that’s for sure. Haven’t seen a loran on there in years, but you guys still require it as an assessment - 1-4C to be exact. So, what we have here, is a failure to communicate.