Looking to relocate to Houston

Houston? Why? People, traffic, crowds, nasty weather (unless you like changing your shirt 3x day), did I mention too many people?

If you like cities, maybe it’s ok…but not for me.

Rule 1 for good housing: Wake up, have coffee in your skivvies out back, shoot lunch from your back window, retrieve said lunch, and no one cares because you are AWAY FROM PEOPLE.

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My wife can’t tolerate living in the middle of nowhere, so the suburbs of Houston are a good choice.

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Thanks for pointing that out, you’re correct.

My rating in the Navy didn’t translate to anything for a merchant Marine. But since I’m almost done at NY maritime, I’ll be a third mate soon, so that should do the trick as well. I’m a bit worried hearing from others that the industry is down, but my hopes are still there.

I think that a recent Fort Schyler grad might have an easier time finding a good job in the Northeast or MidAtlantic. If it will be necessary for you to work a shore job while you wait for an opportunity to go to sea, you would probably get much better shore jobs in the Northeast.

Austin is a popular fast growing hip, tech savvy, “younger” city with excellent schools and jobs. 150 people a day move to Austin.

If I wanted to live in nice city with convenient flights to either coast, I might choose Denver (more specifically Boulder).

Have you considered waiting to see what you find for a job and where it’s located before moving?

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The property taxes are pretty high there. However, the schools are very good. Texas allocates a lot of money to the education system. As for the weather, in summer it is very hot here and you need to get used to it. Unless you are used to this kind of weather in your hometown, for example, in LA. If you are determined to move, then I advise you to carefully plan everything in advance. For example, you can already be looking for Residential Moving.