Looking to advance, need advice

Please do, feel free to PM me if so. Two of the guys I’m on with right now were with them and have mostly good things to say.

Crowley ATBs need mates but won’t hire without oceans

If they’d hire without PIC I’d be down.

Yeah they’re strict on that one too.

Tankerman PIC (Barge) is easy enough to get.

Not really. You can’t get on without it but you can’t get it without time onboard…

Outfits like Crowley and OSG, the mates are in charge of the cargo.
If you apply with the PIC course cert in your hand, you can get your loads and discharges during the trainee trips.

*I don’t know your company. So ?

I would recommend your best bet is to stick it out with your company possibly a polite enquire to higher level.
You got a couple of the main points covered where you are. They know you, you got more than 1 masters recommendation.
Which would be good enough for me. To give you a shot a proving yourself.
Truth is you are a better option than the guy of the street. Which doesn’t explain why they don’t give you a chance. Different companies difrent rules I guess.
Try having a talk with your superintendent ask if there will be an opertunity. explain your disappointment he is hiring outside without giving you a chance.
You never know it might work.

It’s kind of like finding vessels where you can ride along to get pilotage trips, it can sometimes be done.

You could find companies where you could give them a helping hand in exchange for getting your loads and discharges. You could get the loads and discharges in a week on a bunker barge. There are also a few micro harbor tankers around where you might get tankship loads and discharges very quickly.

Getting the 90 days of tank barge or tankship experience is more of an undertaking.

If you take the course and get Tankerman Assistant added to your license, you can then get Tankerman PIC without exam just by submitting the loads and discharges, and the 90 days of tank barge experience.

As long as you do that within 5 years of having taken the course. Make sure the course is for Tankerman-PIC and not Tankerman-Assistant. If you take a Tankerman-Assistant course, you’ll need another course for PIC. If you take the PIC course, you can get assistant without tank vessel time or transfers, and add PIC up to 5 years later without another course. Also, a tank ship course will work for a tank barge endorsement, but not the other way. So you might get the most flexibility by taking a Tank Ship Dangerous Liquids course.

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I may be wrong but I would leave OSG out when it comes to job hunting as they are scrapping the old Maritrans Rigs. IIRC, they are building 2 new barges but they are a while out.