Looking for work

What’s the best way to get started in the industry, I’ve been commercial fishing for ever. I hold a 100 tn master now, and taking the classes for my upgrade to 500/oceans. How about the crew boats?

Why not? You don’t need a 500 ton license to run a crew boat though. If you upgrade to 500 ton you should try to get on a boat that size. Why go through the trouble to increase the scope of your license if you are not going to use it. Regardless crewboats are an option.

You don’t mention having your A/B? Too many 100 tons masters don’t have one which they should,

That is a matter of opinion.

Capt. Lee…why would you say that is not important to have one’s A/B rating? The last time I looked there were few, if any, 100tons master’s jobs to be had but there still were openings for A/B’s and if I am not terribly mistaken, the pay is about the same. Besides, on 100ton vessels there are painfully few upgrade options available.

I know more than a couple 100tons masters and they all want to get on vessels with higher tonnage even if it means sailing as an A.B.

Can you get anything beyond AB Special working on <100 ton boats? You can’t get RFPNW on a <100 ton boat. Who is going to hire an AB Special who has no RFPNW?

As someone about to get an AB Special with no RFPNW (I have little >100 ton time, so I won’t have a RFPNW anytime soon…). Your comment has me wondering what I’m going to be able to do with my AB.

I had been thinking about applying for various positions I’ve seen around for AB Specials. Research boats, Fishing Processers that require “STCW” certs. Is it safe to assume that by STCW they mean RFPNW, or will this vary from org to org and job to job…

Are there places that might be more inclined to hire AB Specials w/o RFPNW?

Inland tug and barge, harbor tugs, anything that doesn’t do international voyages or require STCW. AB Special is a tough sell.

Hmm. Not the best news, but thanks for the reply.

Yeah sorry to harsh your buzz, but when there’s AB Unlimited guys on the street looking for work, an AB Special is going to go the the end of the line.

The good news for you SF_deckhand is that there are vastly more inland vessels than vessels working outside of inland waters plus there are many times more under 200grt vessels than over so you are not doomed but in this economy you might be at a disadvantage competing against guys who might already have the AB/unlimited or AB/ltd and RFPNW even if those certifications aren’t required.

I wish you the very best of luck finding a berth out there.