Looking for some information

Hey folks. Im new here, i recently discovered this forum so im looking for getting some information that i could use on my career.

I’m studying nauthical and maritime transport degree, i just finished all the subjects (STCW) and now i need to lf shipping do i can do my practise. From now on everything i say its what i have understood.

In order to get the university title i need to do 135 days of embarkation as a studen. I think this is what is called “Deck Cadet” right? my university only gives me RORO/pax options near where i live (im spanish), under spanish flag. However i’d like to see what other options do i have instead, i had thought to look for embarkation myself and then validate my 135days over sea to get the university title (u can do this to get the degree title instead of doing the shipping that the university looks for you)

So what can i do? Do you know any good websites where i can check for offers?
What kind of search do i have to do, “Deck Cadet”?
Is there plenty of 2-3 months shipping out there? because the university only gives you the option of +4 straight months, and i’d prefer to do less time since i’ve never been onboard before, and it might be tough for me to adapt.

Also, what are the main differences im going to experiment wheter i decide to get on a RoRo/pax ship or a Bulk carrier/ oilchemical tankers , etc… (i’d really like to get some orientation here, somebody to explain me how is my life going to be likely depending on the ship i choose)

Anyway, all information that u can give me is welcome and much appreciatted, thanks in advance, and have a good day!

Where are you going to school, most should arrange your sea year(s)

In your position, I’d take what I can get … as they say, “take the high road” , do the hard duty first and it’ll pay later.