Looking for peoples opinions

I live in Norfolk Virginia i’m asking to find out peoples professional opinion. I have two jobs on the table one with a tug boat Company based out of Virginia as a os and one with msc military sea-left command as a entry level. I don’t care about how much time out to sea. I’m looking to see which one of these are a better opportunity for long-term and retirement.

Without knowing more about the tugboat outfit, it’s kind of hit or miss on what you consider a better opportunity. I never worked for MSC but I believe that’s federal retirement and the medical is probably pretty good (is it Tricare?) Someone on here can answer for sure. If the money is the same what are you looking for? Very broad question you are asking.

Looking for long term career and Retirement money. And who will pay more. I don’t mean being gone for long periods of time.

What tugboat company? IM me if you don’t want it out there.

In that case, scratch MSC off your list.

I have friends that work with msc one is in Dubai the other one is in the Philippines both have work nonstop for the last five months. And Both Will be receiving a paycheck while they’re off before they go back . I was told the tugboats you only receive pay while you’re out on the tugboat not while you’re home. Is that true

Some tug companies have ATO they pay you part of a day for every day you work. Depends on the company. If you are wondering about the benefits of a company you want to work for, just ask. That’s part of your compensation. Do they have a retirement? What percentage do they match your 401k? Do they pay pretty good but have lousy health coverage? Do they pay less than scale but have great health insurance? Where are you going with that company? Where will you go withMSC? Length of trips, do they have a cook on board, If I was looking at several jobs, these are some of the questions I would ask.


Thank you very much for your input.


Depends on the company out of Norfolk 90 percent chance you’ll be living inside a floating ashtrey and hardley anyone stays at their first tug company long . Most are stepping stones . If you don’t care about being gone join msc and see the world


Thank you

Go with MSC. You’ll likely make more money and have better benefits and conditions, and if you acquire enough sea time and study your ass off you’d be able to advance in the deck department to an unlimited 3rd Mate’s license, or in the ER to an unlimited 3rd Asst. Engineer’s license, both of which will get you jobs on tugs anyway if you should ever decide to go that route. You can always step down from unlimited tonnage, but if you start with tugboats, that’s pretty much what you’re stuck with. If you have the chance to go with MSC, grab the opportunity and consider yourself very lucky to have the chance.
Somebody compared tugs to floating ashtrays. I spend my entire career in deep sea ships with the exception of a single stint on a sea going tug in the Gulf of Mexico. Two months of that thing damn near drove me nuts. Tugs can be very claustrophobic for anyone who is used to the relative comfort and living space of full-sized ships of any type.
Good luck and think big.

Go with MSC. I have been in your position, many years ago. Stay away from commercial industry. Stay with MSC. There is nothing to debate here.


You’ll find most started as SU. You may like it and move through the Supply ranks.