Looking for information regarding how to get into tanking ocean going barges


Hello. Not sure if this is where I should post but I’m looking for any and all info regarding this field. I currently tank inland barges and am interested in advancing my career and move to tanking ocean going barges. I know nothing other than what I’ve been told by other mariners I’ve met out here about the ocean going barge industry. I’ve heard the pay is substantially better, they offer day for day schedules and have high attrition rates due to going to sea. Are the tankerman referred to, called tankerman? What is required? What are the daily duties? Whays the job like? What are the names of companies? What’s the progression ladder? I like working hitches & having a lump sum if time off. Day for day is preferred. Thank you for any help. Also if there are any links you could share where any and all if this has been gone over already I’d appreciate it. I’d search but I’m not sure where or what to search for.