Looking for first time deckhand work


  I am currently seeking a career as a deckhand. I have gone through the process of obtaining my twic, mmc and stcw BST. I currently work for NCL's Pride of Ameria in Hawaii as basically a janitor. The problem I have run into in job search is that every company I have looked into Want at least a year experience in the field. Is there any tips someone can offer to aid me in my search? Or at least point me in the right direction. As a note I did try and apply to siu apprentice program but due to not being able to get them a long form of my dd form 214 military discharge form in a month time I was banned from ever re applying

You can try the Sailor’s Union of the Pacific. Google it. Their office is on Alakea Street, across from the Aloha Tower Market Place. AKA, the Dog House. PM me for more info.

Talk to Mike at the Honolulu SUP hall, you might also talk to the local tug companies if you are desperate to get off the POA (Young Bros/HTB, Sause, P & M, and Kirby). MSC might be another option for you to consider.