Looking for a post, can't find it

There was a lady on here who writes maritime resumes on the side, I tried finding it via search but could not find it. Could anyone on here use there super search powers and find it for me?? Thanks -Jeff

[B]I remember it too, I did find this one from Jeffrox…[/B]

rctaylor; go here: http://www.maritimeemployment.com/em…ch_seaside.asp , select a resume type and get the flavor of what others include in their resumes. Then type one up using your own info. IMHO it’s really too easy and personal to pay a someone to do it.

[B]This site posts a bunch already on web, it may help ya get started while the “super searchers” help you look…[/B]


found it http://gcaptain.com/forum/maritime-employment/5597-professional-maritime-resume.html