Looking for a new career at 41 -

I am 40 years old and I am sick of life on land. I spend 10+ years working on passenger cruise ships in the steward department and teh last 7 on land doing warehouse work. I am desperate to return to the sea and really want to go the deck route. Problem is, I can’t figure out where to start and who will hire an Entry Level position at 40. Do I need to get all teh documents in order first or will a company help me secure them? This is the first website I have found that does not ask for money to buy their system for finding maritime or offshore jobs. PLEASE HELP - thanks

I did the PMI Workboat Mate Program at 45. It was a good way to get my license and some great experience on deck and in the wheelhouse. The current job market is poor at best. I haven’t worked afloat since Dec 08 and am sending out resumes every day…

It ain’t about age, it is about attitude. In this job market no one will be giving you anything. You will have to take the iniative and get all your documentation. You can find a great deal of information on that by going to the NMC website.

You are up against a bunch of laid off, experienced workers so don’t expect an easy return but I really don’t believe age will be a factor. Maybe the market will be picking up by the time you secure your documentation, but there ain’t no sure thing.

Good luck.

finding work in the marine industry has mostly been about being in the right place at the right time…unfortuniately in the current job market being in the right place means being there with 10 or so others seeking the same position…suspect age is becoming more and more a factor…the smart HR types (oxymoron) should be “cherry picking” their company’s perspective employees right now!!

I had the same fear when I made the switch at 44…I’m the second youngest guy on my boat…As stated above, it’s not about age. it’s attitude.

41 huh? Have you considered a nursing home?

You can always look into the SIU apprentice program in Piney Point, MD. It’s illegal for them to discriminate based upon age, so as long as you pass the physical you have a chance. For more info, go to http://www.seafarers.org/phc/entry.xml

Lee, they let you out early, for good behavior?