Looking for a harbor tug position. How to get noticed?

Hey all, new to the forums.

I attended the SIU school in piney point and have sailed twice on deep sea vessels and spent the better part of a year aboard the crowley ATB fleet.

Because I’m not too interested in long contracts, I’ve been looking for a job on a harbor assist tug, but have been having rotten luck with getting in contact with people. Most of the companies only have a place to send a resume and that’s usually about it. The few that have had emails and phone numbers haven’t gotten back to me. Seabulk is the one company in my area that is currently hiring and by the time I finally got ahold of the operations manager, he promptly told me the position was filled and that he never saw my email or resume.

So in short, do you guys have any advice or suggestions? I’m working a land job at the moment, but the pay is atrocious compared to what I’m used to(gotta love florida).

Thanks in advance

In this market you’re unlikely to find much. People out of work elsewhere have moved to harbor tugs.

Capt.phoenix sadly hit the nail on the head, my company was hiring up until the oilfield took a dive,now most of the AB, mate and Engineer positions have been filled for now.
I was lucky enough to get in with my company when I did as a Oiler a few months before the dive, once the field picks back up I’ve no doubt most of the engineers and AB’s will jump ship here.