Long Island Sound Ports

Has anyone else heard of the changing of hands out in Long Island sound for assist work? Through some friends in low places (getting sorta screwed) it’s come out that Gateway is scrapping the 2 harbor tugs and handing the work off the McAllister June 1st.

So the Connecticut and the Bridgeport? That sucks for those guys. I know Reinauer keeps a tug in New Haven, but haven’t seen any Mac boats out there.

The Connecticut and Outrageous from what I have been told by friends being effected by it. June 1st is suppose to be Groundhog Day for the swap.

I heard the guys talking, they are the gateway employees, just bareboating the Mac tugs. Seems that’s one way to meet Sub M requirements when your caught flat footed.

They are the ex gateway guys, working for mcallister. No bare boat arrangement there it was a will you hire our guys in exchange for getting the work.