Lng awareness seminars at mitags in december

MITAGS has introduced a new seminar, offered in two-day or four-day modules, to familiarize terminal, shipboard and company personnel with liquefied natural gas (LNG) operations. Topics covered include LNG safety, theory, vessel/terminal designs, equipment and operations. The seminar length is dependent on the level of knowledge required. The four-day seminar includes time on a LNG vessel cargo loading simulator.

Successful completion of this course gives students a basic understanding of the properties and hazards of liquefied gas, cargo containment systems, LNG tanker and terminal designs, inert gas systems, tank environment control, safety precautions and emergency procedures.

The first four-day LNG Awareness seminar will take place Dec. 14-17. The first two-day LNG Awareness seminar will take place Dec. 14-15. For more information, or to register, contact Bob Becker at (443) 989-3235 or rbecker@mitags.org.