Licensed Officers, Do you have Med Care Provider on your STCW or MMD?

I am getting a conflict of information from NMC and the Portland REC about whether or not Medical Care Provider goes on the STCW or MMD. <br><br>This is the Portland REC’s position: <br><br>First scenario, <br>The MCP is not referenced anywhere in a mariner’s file other than the copy of the certificate. If a mariner were issued a license prior to the MCP requirement and wished to get a raise in grade after the requirement, NMC may automatically assume that he had MCP and approve the upgrade without meeting this prerequisite. OK, no problem. <br><br>Second scenario,<br>IF I were to lose my file and NMC were to lose my file, when I went to upgrade the next time I would not have anything which would confirm I had attended the MCP course. And this would delay what is already a time consuming process.<br><br>This is NMC’s position:<br> <br>MCP is required for the 2nd Assistant Engineer Unlimited . The OIC of an Engineering Watch (2nd A/E) on my STCW is proof of attendance. No additional reference of this on any other documents is needed. <br><br>The manager of the Portland REC says the individual I have been speaking with at NMC is wrong. <br>He is writing an email to find out what is the correct procedure. In the meantime, do any of you have MCP on your STCW or MMD? <br><br>I am not looking for information about anyone’s credentials. I know if you are an AB and you attended the MCP course it will be on your STCW and/or MMD. I am looking for those of you that hold a license that require MCP. Do these people have it on their documents?

MCP on MMD not STCW.<div>Tengineer</div>

I had MCP on my STCW, but they took it off at my Chief Mate upgrade…Never had anything on my MMD. I don’t even know the reason of taking the class in the first place. <br>

Seattle REC told me I needed MedPro for STCW but when I applied without it they issued the cert anyhow.

Three responses, three different answers. The saga continues… <br><br>Thanks for the feedback guys.

Medical Care Provider is one of the competencies for Officer in Charge of a Navigational or Engineering Watch. You can’'t get OICEW or OICNW without having had the MCP course, or been grandfathered to OICNW/OICEW because you got your STCW95 certificate before2/1/ 2002… <br><br>If you were grandfathered to STCW and didn’t need medical care provider then you won’t need it for any future upgrades. <br><br>Since it is inherent in OICEW and OICNW, MCP is not put on the STCW certificate. It should only go on the STCW certificate for someone who is not OICNW, OICEW, Master, Chief Mate, 1 AE, or Ch. Eng.<br><br>My current STCW certificate and the one before it (both from REC Boston) doesn’t have MCP on it.<br><br>James D. Cavo<br>Chief, Mariner Training & Assessment Division (NMC-2)<br>USCG National Maritime Center<br>

<strong>“I had MCP on my STCW, but they took it off at my Chief Mate
upgrade…Never had anything on my MMD. I don’t even know the
reason of taking the class in the first place.”<br>
</strong><br>You need it, because you never know when you’re going to find yourself in the middle of the Atlantic with one of your crewmember’s in a hypertensive crisis, or the old man vapor locks at entrance to the locks in Antwerp, or the Boatswain comes to you with a laceration that takes 10 stitches to close in the middle of nowhere, or the OS caught a dose of something on the last coast, and needs you to jam a gram of PenVK in his butt cheek, Deep IM (-: . <br><br>Obviously, all via medical control ashore, but you need to know how to do all these things because no one is going to do it for you.<br><br>By all rights, someone aboard in the managerial level <span style="text-decoration: underline;]<strong>needs</strong></span> to have Medical Person-In-Charge (MPIC) on an International Voyage, and no, a Medic, EMT, or Paramedic doesn’t count unless they’ve been to the class, and been endorsed. Physicians and Nurses expressly fall into the Certificate of Registry scheme, and need to be duly licensed by a State or Territory to receive a COR.<br><br><span style="text-decoration: underline;]<strong>Cheng</strong></span> - In answer to your question, it doesn’t go on your STCW, or your MMD. As Mr. Cavo states, it’s inherently understood that you met all the criteria to meet STCW standards, and it would not be on your STCW certificate. If you were limited in some way, or did not meet the criteria in some way, shape, or fashion, then it would be duly noted as a “Limitation”.<br><br>Once the new MMCredential comes out, maybe things will get a bit simpler in how things are listed.

Thanks to Mr Cavo and El Captain. I always appreciate the assistance. This site continues to impress me. (not a difficult task) El Captain just a little FYI… PenVK is now available in tablet and liquid form. Unless… both you and/or your OS prefer the other way. Thanks again…

The other way makes them remember to not play in the rain without their galoshes.<br><br>Besides, it’s one of those moments where the old man REALLY gets to be a pain in the ass!!! :-)<br><br>Anytime Cheng!