License Study Guides

I have a set of books that I would like to sell to the next mariner looking to upgrade. I purchased them a year and a half ago and they are all in great shape. And best of all they work. Or at least they did for me.
Make an offer of 1/2 list and I will pay for shipping.
Master – Third Mate Unlimited, CD with Questions, Illustrations & References
list $80

USCG License Prep for Professional Mariner by Capt Joseph Murphy
list $200
Book 1 Deck General 2005
Book 2 Nav General 2005
Book 3 Deck Safety 2005
Book 4 Rules of Road 2007
Book 5 Nav Problems 2006
Book 6 Illustrations ???

Limited Master, Mate, Operator License Study Course by Richard Block
list $190
Book 2 2004
Book 4 2004