Liberty Ship SS JOHN BROWN Visiting Baltimore Inner Harbor


Project Liberty Ship, Baltimore, Maryland, announces that the <NOBR>S.S. JOHN W. BROWN,</NOBR> America’s oldest surviving Liberty ship, will visit Baltimore’s Inner Harbor August 13-16, 2009. The BROWN will dock at the Inner Harbor’s West Wall Thusday morning, August 13, and will remain there until the evening of Sunday, August 16. The ship will be open for public tours.
The public is cordially invited to tour the BROWN each day according to the schedule below. We ask a donation of $5 for visitors age 12 and older. Children younger than 12 may tour the ship without charge but must be accompanied by an adult.
Most of the ship will be open to visitors. The BROWN is a fully operational and seaworthy World War II-era cargo ship. You may tour museum spaces, crew quarters, bridge, radio room, chart room, messrooms, troop berthing areas, stern gun deck, engine room, etc. Please note that for reasons of safety, children under age 12 are not permitted to visit the engine room. A few additional areas of the ship are off-limits to all visitors, either for safety considerations or for the privacy of our crew.
The Ship’s Store will be open each day where you can purchase souvenirs of your visit.
<!-- If you are interested in watching as the ship arrives or departs, the BROWN is scheduled totie up at the West Wall at 9:00 AM on Thursday, August 13. She will depart on Sunday, August 16, at7:00 PM. The schedule is subject to change without notice.
–>For further information call the ship’s office at 410-558-0646 or e-mail