Leaving mmp


I recently joined mmp as a licensed 3rd mate. However I decided to go to grad school (which is no where near a hall). I was wondering what is the process for quitting/resigning from the union? I have only paid the 10% induction fee and 2 quarters worth of dues and have only did 1 night mate job. My question is weather I can just stop paying dues and walk away or will they make me pay the rest of the $4500 initiation fee within the 360days from when I started before resigning?


Just stop paying your dues… they will send you a heads up that you are behind or late on dues, then you will be notified that you were dropped from their ranks. You don’t need to resign per se, just… stop paying them their dues.

You’re an applicant… no offense but no one will even notice you’re gone.


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