Learning about Maritime / Shipping Industry

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I wanted to introduce myself, I am Richard_S19, and I am a Design Research Lead working in the world of shipping at a global energy company.

My job, as a researcher, involves exploring the world of shipping to understand the roles, processes and challenges (amongst other things) in the shipping industry globally. I am passionate about research - particularly when it comes to speaking to people, finding out how they work and overall helping make their lives better.

I am joining this forum to learn about various aspects of the marine industry, specifically related to shipping, this will help my understand the challenges and pain points that could potentially be addressed.

I am keen on connecting with various stakeholders in the industry, particularly on an operational level - this includes roles that relate to: Charterers, Ship Managers, Agents, Ship Owners, Barge operators, Ports and Brokers. If you are keen on engaging through an initial conversation please get in touch, I’d love to speak to you, and would be keen on sharing what we are working on to explore potential partnerships.


hello Richard_S19

can I ask how it is that a global energy company has someone in your position who obviously has no experience in what it is you are tasked to research and further what it is that you are actually tasked to accomplish in this quest? Lastly, does your employer not have a shipping or chartering division in house or is that what you are tasked to design for them? you will have to excuse my confusion here.


Hi c.captain,

That’s a really good question and I can answer it without giving too much away (in terms of confidentiality).

My own experience ranges across a variety of different industries, however I specialise in qualitative research, more specifically in new product & service development. There are a lot of experts in the company, however it is difficult particularly when companies are trying to set up new ventures / products as the employees do not have experience in doing this in an efficient way.

I don’t want to rewrite the book, but if you are interested, the process I am using is based on the ‘Double Diamond’ design process - you can find information about this from the Design Council online.

Yes, my employer does have a shipping / chartering division, however that could be a very restricted view on the industry as a whole, as processes, tools and terminology might be vastly different. That is essentially why I am looking to learn about the industry (on forums like these) and also speak to people in the industry, I am also open to talking about what we are working on (assuming NDA’s are in place).

I hope this answers your questions, and if you are interested in taking part in some initial research (in the form of a Skype call), please do let me know.


P. S. The research is being conducted by S19 ventures (Shell) and we are able to reward you with a voucher should you meet the criteria to participate.


As an unqualified WAFI I’m curious why anyone would be interested in talking to someone who doesn’t wish to identify himself.

Thanks for this partnering opportunity @Richard_S19

Are you working with the group at the link below? What kind of vouchers are you talking about?