Last Breath on Netflix

If anyone hasn’t seen this, it’s an incredible documentary about a DSV in the North Sea that loses DP and strands a diver on the sea bed. Highly recommend watching for all.

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Had to go back and look it up. The Bibby Topaz, happened back in 2012

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lost DP and the independent joystick, hows that possible?
either went to work without the joystick ( out of class) or the KM DP system doesnt have an independent joystick ( not class compliant) so both failed together.
Either way big court case so kept secret

I’m watching the movie now, good so far but some strange choices in what they focus on.


They are barely explaining what a DP system is, I understand that the movie is about the divers but they could have spent more time explaining the vessel and station keeping. I’m 35 minutes into the film and they have shown about 4 minutes of footage from the bridge.
No explanation of why they lost DP. No explanation why they are working in 5 meters of waves and 35 knots of wind. Just the DPO saying he so alarms he never have seen before, then a flashing red light in the dive masters station that they have lost DP. Wtf?

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Bu***t report unless the boat was DP-0, where was the IJS?

It was built to DynPos Autr class so it should have a cJoy. If the movie has the timeline right they did not take her into manual steering before being ca 100-150 meters off location. That is a slow response.


Granted I know nothing practical about DP but I was surprised at how long it took the crew to activate a backup response to the equipment failure.

I heard they knew the ijs was not working, very stupid move to operate a dive boat with azi’s with no ijs so operating out of class compliance…who chartered that??

Nothing in the incident report about the IJS not working, Kongsberg should have teared them a new asshole. The movie was not good PR for Kongsberg.

“Nothing in the incident report about the IJS not working”
exactly, if it was working they could of held the boat.
So the question is did it fail with the DP system ( meaning its not independent) or the crew were on a DP job knowing it wasnt working?

Not to mention how funny the KM follow up to the industry was saying everybody can have the same fault?
Then they will fix the poor hardware design with a software patch?
Aside from all that they took a while to go manual, makes you wonder what the SOP is for DP loss on that vessel?
I know a few divers that were starting to get scared about diving under a KM vessel due to the fudged report with no real explanation

Makes sense to show as little as possible from the bridge then.

All the technical facts aside, its a hell of a story.

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Using actual footage from the “incident” added to the production value unlike some cheesy reenactments with smarmy pretty boy Hollywood actors flailing around in a studio pool.

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Just watched it. Having your dive umbilical be the anchor for a ship in 35+ knot winds - :fearful::fearful:
I was not entirely clear on the DP issue. There did not seem to be a manual way to operate the ship. I don’t know much about that scale of DP, is that common??

The movie didn’t go into real details on that.

There was but not an easy way maintain exact position. Humans have two hands and that DP boat had what, 5 or 6 thrusters? A lot of newer boats have really cool ways of combining controls such that one hand can control multiple things but that was an old boat.

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And it took them ~25 minutes to think the reboot the CCs. That’s ridiculous.

Anyone that ever used a Microsoft product would have done that first off LOL

It’s not that old, 2008, I have worked on a couple of vessels from the same generation, Kongsberg SDP-21 DP and cJoy. It’s common to have 1-2 cJoys and if you are quick to change from DP to independant joystick so you dont lose Heading/yaw it’s not difficult to hold such a vessel on station. It’s something the bridge crew should have practised on with regular intervals. And its in the rules that a unlimited DPO should be proficient with DP and manual steering.

You’re right. For some reason I thought it was ~10 years older than that.

True, but I was talking about manual control, not independent joystick.

Yeah, in manual i would have turned the vessel 180⁰ and put the stern in the waves, more slamming but easier to keep yaw and surge. It’s a bitch onboard until the vessel has turned around but you will not lose to much position.

And who cares about people onboard when you have divers at 100 meter? Put the bitch in manual and just keep her in the area. To wander off 200 meters is just insane.