Lasik eye surgery

Has anyone had it done? What does the CG have to say about it, if anything. I hate wearing glasses and contacts arent for me. The thing that scares me the most if the surgery going bad and losing my vision or its so bad that I cant pass the CG test.

Any thoughts?

Had it done 10 years ago, my vision is now still good enough to pass a vision test with no restrictions.
I recommend it to everyone.
I 'm not sure what USCG says about it, never asked…

In an emergency situation without my glasses I would be blind, and in many respects far less useful. I do have a spare pair onboard but what good would they be if I was unable to retrieve them?

Just yesterday on deck at night I knocked my glasses from face and had trouble in finding them.

I have the same fear that sergery could cause sight reduction or damage my night vision.

Which vision correction procedure is safer option?

Had it done in 2006. Best money I ever spent. Never came up with the Coast Guard.

Had it in 2005. When I dropped my renewal paperwork off a couple of months later I brought the same paper my doctor had to fill out for my drivers license, reporting that corrective lenses are no longer needed. When I upgraded a couple of years later, I couldn’t find that paper. I asked the lady at the REC about it and she said that the paper didn’t matter anyway as long as my physical reported uncorrected vision.

Still no need for glasses. Good candidates are those that hadn’t had many prescription changes or at least only subtle ones. The surgery does not stop your eye from changing. So if you have to get a different subscription every couple of years, you will either have to get glasses again or have the surgery again when your eyes change. Some react differently to the surgery. Dry eyes is a common problem but usually goes away after some time. The day after the surgery I had 20/30 to 20/40 and it fluctuated between 20/15 and 20/30 for a couple of months before it settled at 20/20. My eye doctor had to reassure me that some people take longer and not to worry. I was a nervous wreck during the surgery and for 2 months afterward. The only side effects I have is slight dry eye. If I don’t have any rewetting drops I just rub the eye and that is good enough and it is only occasionally. The other side affect is that I am mentally sensitive about my eyes now, weather it had to do with worry during and after the surgery or that I was so use to having glasses on all the time. But the only problem that causes me is that I blink in almost every photo with a flash that I know is coming. It’s not a physical problem just my on little nervous tick. I look like an ass in all of our vacation photos that everyone else thinks is funny.
All of that being said it was worth it. No more foggy glasses, no more expensive sun glasses, and no more pain in the ass fidgeting with binoculars to line them up with glasses anymore.

Wife had it done and nearly lost her eye…bad infection in one eye, and nearly took a year to get decent vision back. There is no recourse due to the papers you must sign before surgery. There is a reason that you have to sign those papers. There is a remote possibility on something going wrong, but no different than getting in a airplane to crew change. Everything has some sort of risk.

My prescription hasn’t changed in quite a few years, but I do have an astigmatism in one eye. Thanks for the replys, I might make an appointment to see the LASIK doctor when I get off.

No experience with it personally but I know 4 people who have had it done and they are very happy with the results. Good luck what ever you decide.

in 1985 had it done the old Radial Keretotemy way, they actually used a scalpel. I instantly went from 20/200 to 20/20 now i wear reading glasses. Money very well spent.

Man, thinking about someone physically cutting into my eye gives me the chills. Glad it worked out though!

[QUOTE=ryanwood86;65567]Man, thinking about someone physically cutting into my eye gives me the chills. Glad it worked out though![/QUOTE]

They still cut your eye. They use a little tool that reminded me of a small toy carpenters plane to cut a flap in the lens and flip it back so the laser can reshape (I could slightly smell my eye burning) the cornea. After the laser does its job, which takes about 15 seconds, they flip the flap back in place. This, to me at least, seems to be the most dangerous part during and after the surgery. The flap has to heal quickly and with no problems. You can get into trouble if you strain too much too soon, if you rub your eyes hard too soon and it is susceptible to infection which Anchorman’s wife could probably attest to.

Oh I got ya. I thought the laser caused you not to get cut on. I don’t wear glasses so I’m not to familiar with the process. But if your vision is bad and you hate contacts and glasses, it sure seems worth it

From what I have been reading they can do the whole surgery without cutting your eye, its all lazers.

Had LASIK 13 years ago. No regrets. Two renewals since. Just get it done with a reputable surgeon.

That isn’t lasik, it is something else. Supposedly the lasik heals faster and has a better track record.