Can i join MARINE ENGINEERING after LASIK surgery?

[FONT=arial]I want to study marine engineering and join merchant navy. But i the problem that i use hi-power glasses, around -9 for both my eyes ( which is not allowed by the colleges ).

Thats why i m planning to undergo LASIK surgery to correct my eye problem.

Will i be considered elagible for studing marine engineering after the LASIK is done?[/FONT]

Many mariners have had LASIK, myself included. It would depend on what your post-LASIK corrected and uncorrected vision is.

It depends on the results. You need corrected vision (with glasses/contacts) of 20/50 in one eye, and uncorrected vision of 20/200 in the same eye, and the ability to distinguish red, green, yellow, and blue. See 46 CFR 10.215(b)(2).

I have a USCG and Liberian license and I work on a Liberian flag vessel . I have been thinking about getting lasik surgery and one of the guys I work with told me that I have to contact the USCG and get a wavier to go back to work and send them some results of the eye tests. Anyone know about this or had any experience with it ?

In plain English this Coast Guard document, NVIC 04-08, lists medical conditions that need further review. These conditions do not disqualify anyone from obtaining or retaining US mariner credentials, only that the Coast Guard wants to review them. They approve almost everyone. From the USCG, ā€œ72 of 65,000 applications received resulted in a medial denial.ā€ In other words, the chances of denial due to LASIK is naught as long as your doctor doesnā€™t mess up and ruin your vision.

Excerpt relating to Refractive Surgery (LASIK) as follows:


Enclosure (3) to NVIC 04-08


16 Refractive Surgery within past 6 months

Ophthalmology consultation, to include refraction measurement and visual acuity, corneal topography, slit lamp examination looking at the quantity, quality, and extent of incisions, contrast sensitivity testing. Provide completed, type and date of procedure, statement as to any adverse effects or complications (halo, glare, haze, rings. etc.).

Note: Waiver package should be submitted at least, i.e. not sooner than, 4 weeks after the surgery, with a minimum of two stable visual acuities measured, at least two weeks apart.