GOM Vision Standards

Looked in past posts, saw many references to vision tests, but no info on what exactly these companies may be testing for in a pre-employment physical. Do they want just the CG requirements, or something above and beyond? What about correctable/vs uncorrected? …if anyone knows or remembers.

Man, this one is near and dear to my heart. I’m a little nervous about my lack of ability to pass the Ishihara test, but some people have told me that even the big dogs let you do a lantern test. Even with that though I am considering going the engineering route as I would only start out as an AB anyway. Anyone want to chime in that has more experience with this?

I think you just need to be able to pass one of the tests for color blindness to make the USCG happy. I do not think it matters if you cannot pass iskihara as long as you can pass one of the others.

Who cares what company x or y wants, there will always be other companies that are not too overly fussy.