Large Russian cargo aircraft visiting Ålesund

A large cargo plane of type Ilyushin Il-76TD/90VD belonging to Volga-Dnepr Airlines in Russia landed at the local airport Vigra today:

Reportedly to load equipment used for the Mission Impossible 7 film team that is just about to finish shooting in the district.
The equipment will be flown to Roma, Italy.

It is expected to be here for several days while the equipment is transported from the shooting sites in Romsdalen and Hellesylt by road and helicopters.

Not a regular visitor here, but frequently seen at other airports in Norway, carrying equipment for the oil & gas industry and NATO exercises…

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I recall seeing the larger AN-255 in Houston some years ago.

Circa 2004. I was a CBP officer at the time, temporarily assigned to Bush Intercontinental and on duty when they landed. Analog instrumentation as I expected but the size of the flight engineer station and number of crew on board were impressive. They only stayed for a number of hours and had no plans to set foot outside. They seemed well set up to pretty much live aboard. I couldn’t help but notice the shag carpet covering the deck of the accommodations and flight engineer station; a reminder of the sixties…


Interesting. Of course Soviet technology was always a step behind the west. But shag carpet? I wonder how the crew accommodations were outfitted.

Very basic. Picture a very old navy ship.

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It reflects its military roots and it didn’t look like anything at all was done to gentrify it. I found this video dated 2018. The housekeeping and cleanliness hasn’t improved since I saw it although they managed to replace the dirty shag carpet in with one that’s more presentable.

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The Ilyushin Il-76TD/90VD took off from Vigra Airport and headed to Rome today: